KNEC Portal Login |

KNEC Portal Login |

Have you tried accessing Kenya National Examinations Council, Knec portals yet? There are many of them actually, each one providing access to specific functions as mandated by the KNEC. However, in order to utilize these services, you need authorization and authentication through registration on the portal page. For most (if not all) this is done through entering your user name and password for registration that will be used when accessing your KNEC account.

If you currently need to perform a certain task on KNEC Portal but you wondering about How to access the KNEC portal?, How do I open a KNEC account?, How do I get my KNEC password? or you have no idea on how to get started using Kenya National Examinations Council portal then you have come to the right place.

KNEC Portal Login |
KNEC Portal Login

What Is KNEC Portal

KNEC Portal or Kenya national examinations council portal is a web based system established and managed by Kenya national examinations council to act as always opened office that can easily accessed by anyone form anywhere. This web based system offer number of services including Candidate registration, online result slip, Online exam results, Qualifying test registration, Performance analysis and more . All of these task can be preform for one or different portals. Currently KNEC manage the following portals

  • KCPE & KCSE Registration
  • Early ChildHood Development Education Registration
  • BTEP Exam Registration
  • Diploma Teacher Education Registration
  • Teacher Certificate in Adult Education Registration
  • Business Exam Registration (Single and Group Exams)
  • Primary Teacher Education Registration
  • Special Needs Education(Teacher) Registration
  • BMGT Exam Registration (Business Management Exams)
  • Technical Exam Registration

How Do I Access KNEC portal?

Anyone can use a computer or a mobile device to access the KNEC Student Portal by clicking on the following link.

Once the link load successful you will find direct links to different KNEC online portals, there click on the one you want to access

How Do I open a KNEC account?

It’s easy to register for the KNEC online portal. All you need is your basic information and a few other documents as will be required on registration form. (Note: The registration steps below is for the CP2 KNEC Portal)

  • Make sure your computer is connected to the internet, then launch your preferred browser.
  • To create an account, go to the KNEC portal, To do so visit
  • The first screen you see is for logging in. Create an account or Reset your password choices are located beneath the login tabs. Create an account by clicking the Create Account button.
  • Fill in your cell phone number on the pop-up window, double-check that it’s valid, and then click Create Account.

  • You will receive an SMS on your phone with your login information, including your username and password. The notification will also include a link to the system’s login page.
  • Confirm receipt of the login credentials from the phone number used to create the account after you’ve received the information.
  • Before moving on to the following stage, you must first download the portal’s guidebook, which will walk you through all of the options available.

KNEC Portal Login |

To login to your KNEC account you simply need to visit the portal you want and there correctly enter your account login username and password and then click on the “Login” Button located below the login form

How do I get my KNEC password?

Are you currently ask your self How do I get my KNEC password? If so, then you will have the answers on this section. Here we have provided you with easy to follow instruction on how to get KNEC password

To reset KNEC examiner website login password follow the procedure provided below.

  • Visit KNEC examiner portal:
  • Click the reset password button
  • Enter your mobile number in this format (2547*****). The phone number should be the one you used to register the portal.
  • Then click submit
  • A password and username will be sent via sms
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