Kaizirege Secondary School fees, Contact, Images & Subjects

Kaizirege Secondary School fees, Contact, Images & Subjects, S4631 kaizirege secondary school fees, kaizirege secondary school contact, kaizirege secondary school images And Subjects: Kaizirege and Kemobos Schools are located in Bukoba town – the heart of Kagera region. The schools lie some six kilometers away from the centre of Bukoba town and they’re found on Ijuganyondo ward’s left-hand side, if one heads to Muleba (the next town) or on the right-hand side when traveling towards Bukoba town center. Established since 2007, Kaizirege School for Secondary education has consistently been performing well – achieving both high scores at mocks and national examinations.

Kaizirege Secondary School fees
Kaizirege Secondary School fees

Kaizirege Secondary School fees, Contact, Images & Subjects

Kaizirege school is undoubtedly one of the schools that came to make reforms in the field of ordinary and advanced level education in Tanzania, this school is famous for its ability to make students successful and its tuition fee. Although it is one of the most expensive schools in Tanzania, the quality of education offered in this school and its results nationwide show that the money paid is well worth it. In addition to the high level of education, Kaizirege Secondary Schools provide one of the greatest environments for students, combining both educational and recreational surroundings. Your child will undoubtedly appreciate being a part of this school.

Kaizirege and Kemobos Schools BUS
Kaizirege and Kemobos Schools

Kaizirege Secondary School fees

Kaizerege Secondary School is one of Tanzania’s most expensive secondary schools. You will undoubtedly have to break the bank to enroll your child at this school, but money should not be a barrier to education. If you can afford to spend millions for a hotel bill, why not pay millions for your child to receive the greatest education possible? Remember that it is not just a parent’s instinct, but also their responsibility, to provide the best for their child.

Kaizirege and Kemobos Schools fees differ depending on the factors such as whether your child is in O-level or A-level. The school fees of Kaizirge High Schools range from 3,500,000Tsh to 4Mil but don’t be afraid of these numbers because Kaizirege and Kemobos schools are one of the best schools in Tanzania, not only in terms of prices but the way they engage the students in social activities that develop their personalities And their constant appearance on top performer on the NECTA results is more than enough reason to understand it’s worth every penny.

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Kaizirege secondary school contact & Working Hour

Email: kaizirege@gmail.com MON -TUE 06:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Phone: +(255)-677 848343 WEN -THR 06:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Phone: +(255)-755 760268 FRIDAY 06:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Phone: +(255)-766 094000 SATURDAY 06:30 AM – 08:00 PM

S4631 Kaizirege Secondary School Subjects

A-Level Subjects O-Level Subjects
General Studies Civics
History History
Geography Geography
Kiswahili Kiswahili
English Language English Language
Physics Physics
Chemistry Chemistry
Biology Biology
Basic Applied Mathematics Basic Mathematics
Advanced Mathematics

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