Jinsi Ya Kupata Loss Report Tanzania 2022

Jinsi Ya Kupata Loss Report Tanzania 2022

Jinsi Ya Kupata Loss Report Tanzania 2022

Loss report form is an online service provided by Tanzanian policy through Tanzania Police system called the LORMIS. The system lormis can be accessed through a website ( https://lormis.tpf.go.tz/ ) allowing the Tanzania public to report lost property(SAJILI MALI ILIO POTEA).

Jinsi Ya Kupata Loss Report Tanzania 2021
Jinsi Ya Kupata Loss Report Tanzania 2022

Every Tanzania residency can anytime report a loss property easy through this system by placing his/her report information on the national Tanzania Police system. Here you will find more information about Tanzania Police Loss Report and we will guide you step by step on how you can How To Get a Loss Report form Online in Tanzania and also How To Pay For it.

How To Pay For Loss Report Online


Browse to ( https://lormis.tpf.go.tz/ )


Once the above link is opened you will see a different option you can select from, as shown below.




Then a form will appear and there you will have to fill the form with the most correct information. you will be asked general info like HADHI, MAJINA YAKO KAMILI, JINSIA, TAREH YA KUZALIWA, ANWANI N.K.After correctly fill the form with the required information select “HIFADHI NA ENDELEA”.


After complete the above step another form will appear and you will have to fill the form with different information like Tarehe ya kupoteza, Mkoa, Wilaya, Sehemu/ Mahali Ulipopotezea, Aina ya mali, Jina la mali iliyopotea, Nambari ya mali iliyopotea, Rangi ya mali iliyopotea n.k. and then press on ” HIFADHI NA ENDELEA “


Thereafter you will have to review the information that you filled in and make sure to make corrections if you made a mistake fill the form. Once you have confirmed that you correctly fill all the form press on “FANYA MALIPO”


To complete the loss report you will have to pay TZSH 500 to the control number that you will be given eg (You will get Control Number 99XXXXXXXXXX). Go to any police station for confirmation and Print your letter to your time

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