How To Use The Widget Panel In Windows 11

How To Use The Widget Panel In Windows 11

The new Microsoft Windows 11 comes with a brand new Widgets panel where you can access a variety of updated information using configurable topic boxes. It comes in two parts.

The top section offers widgets for weather, sports, your latest photos, and other custom topics, while the news section offers clickable headlines from a variety of sources. If you like the Windows 10 News and Interests panel, Window 11 Widgets panel will surely be your new bae on the town. You can use this panel to search the web, browse trend news, check the weather, view photos, and stay up to date on sports. with a click of a mouse (or swipe of your finger). In this article, we will guide you on How To Use The Widget Panel In Windows 11 with easy to follow step by step guide.

How To Use The Widget Panel In Windows 11 ?

How To Use The Widget Panel In Windows 11
About- How To Use The Widget Panel In Windows 11

You don’t need to e a tech Guru to master the Widget Panel In Windows 11, You will only just need a booster guide to provide you with the basic details and then you will be ready to go.

Access Your Widget Panel In Windows 11

To access the widgets in Windows 11 , select the Widgets icon in the taskbar (the one that looks like a square divided into white and blue sections). You can also press the Window + W keys, or if you have a touch screen, swipe from the left.

You’ll likely see a variety of start-up widgets at the top that will give you information about sports scores, weather, stock prices, and any photos you might have in your One Drive account. There is also a search field and a button that allows you to add new widgets. Under that, you can scroll down to find a number of news sources.

Widget Panel Tweak

There are couple of ways you can modify the widget panel. For example, to move your widgets around, press and hold the top of the widget until you see an open hand, to resize the widget, remove it from the panel or customize it by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner.

If you click on a particular widget in the upper left corner, you will be taken to a separate page where you will get more information about the chosen topic.

If you want to see the current selection of widgets available, click on the “Add widgets” button that is between your widgets and the news feeds. Currently It’s not a large list — There about 11, all available are Microsoft-produced. Hopefully, however, there will be additional third-party entries coming.

How To Use The Widget Panel In Windows 11
How To Use The Widget Panel In Windows 11

News feed

You will find this section below the “Add widgets” button. It is headed by a “Top Stories” section that highlights several headlines followed by individual stories. Select the three dots next to each headline, and you will be able to see more or fewer stories.


The “Add widgets” button also offers a link to tell the Widget app what you are and are not interested in. Either of the choices will land you on the Microsoft Start page, i.e. the settings page for the Edge browser. Go to the “My Interests” tab and select the type of stories you want to want or don’t want.

As of now, it seems the Windows 11 widgets are all about curiosity or a way to take a break than a real tool. Experts believe if Microsoft allows third party widgets, the widget pane would become truly useful.

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