How To Make Money Online In South Africa: 30 Easy Ways To Make Money Online Now

How To Make Money Online In South Africa: Here we’ll take you through 30 Easy Ways To Make Money Online Now

Are you looking for ways to make money online in South Africa in 2022? Do you have difficulty getting your dream job that pays you well? Or do you want to earn some more extra money online? Or do you want to invest some of your money online and earn some returns? Making money online can be a great opportunity for you.

There are many ways to make money online, from investing your money to freelancing. However, making money online in South Africa 2022 can be a great challenge for most people because it requires time and effort. Do not worry though, because we are here to help you find ways to make money online in South African for free.

How To Make Money Online In South Africa
How To Make Money Online In South Africa

It’s always been a dream of many people to be able to make money online. Most of us have a full time job, but find our self getting home from work and sitting in front of the computer for hours wasting time rather than spending that time doing things with my family (which I love doing!).

But good news is that habit can be chanced, instead on wasting that time browsing for gossips news and Facebook we can use that time making some extra money while at home playing with our child. Here we’ll show you 30 Easy Ways To Make Money Online in South Africa Now and most of these ways are legit ways to make money online and don’t need huge starting capital.

List Of Top Ways To Make Money Online in South Africa 2022

Whether you’re between jobs, a stay-at-home parent or just want to make some extra money without leaving the house, these work-from-home jobs and tasks can boost your income, helping you make ends meet, pay down debt or reach savings goals.

Legitimate work-from-home jobs do exist but beware of scams that require you to pay upfront for the chance to earn extra money. Instead, check out these ways you can easily make extra money from home.

1. Start a Blog 16. Start A Podcast
2. Start A YouTube Channel 17. Launch An Online Course
3. Test websites and apps 18. Develop An App
4. social networking 19. Make money online by selling digital items
5. Pick up freelance work online 20. Start A Professional SEO Consultation
6. Trade Cryptocurrencies 21. Write And Publish A Kindle EBook
7. Become an Instagram influencer 22. Tutor Students Online
8. Edit legal transcripts 23. Get paid to fix grammatical errors
9. Complete Online surveys 24. Use Fiverr to sell services
10. Make Money Typing From Home 25. Create An Affiliate Website
11. Earn money by playing video games 26. Resume Writing Services
12. Make money as an affiliate marketer 27. Pick up tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
13. Set up websites for small companies 28. Transcribe Audio Clips
14. Sell your photography 29. Become a Remote Sales Agent
15. Sell Unused Stuff 30. Provide Tech Support Online

How To Make Money Online In South Africa 2022

1. Start a Blog

The internet is a wonderful place. There are millions of new blog posts published everyday. With all the available information, There will always be people looking for something that would benefit them. This is where blogs make a huge difference. One can choose from thousands of topics to make money with through blogging

The idea that you can make money blogging sounds like a dream. Not only do you get to work independently and skip the 9-to-5, but you can also blog from anywhere in the world about the topics of your choice. While it involves hard work, it’s perfectly achievable for anyone, including beginners, with the right strategy.

Bloggers with a large following, such as Ryan Robinson, who maintains a site about blogging, can earn up to $30,000 each month. Adam Enfroy, who started blogging on the business of blogging as a side hustle in 2019, has already made $1.5 million from his site.

There are number of ways you can earn from blogging, each one has its advantages and disadvantages. You can choose to either Make money from your blog as an affiliate or Get advertising revenue from your blog via different advertising platform like AdSense, Adsterra, Propella Ads and more. On this article we’ll just provide you with general information on how you can start making money with blog but we’ll surely cover the entire topic on our next article.

Getting Started With Make money from your blog as an affiliate

  • To begin, you’ll need a blog, social media account, or other online presence with a steady stream of monthly visitors.
  • After that, you must apply for and be accepted by an affiliate marketing network such as CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, FlexOffers, or Amazon Associates.
  • Payment dates and criteria differ every affiliate network, but you can anticipate to wait a month or two for your first income.
  • Earnings from Amazon Associates are paid 60 days following the calendar month in which they were earned. For earnings to be distributed, you must have a minimum balance of $10.
  • If you made $50 or more the previous month, ShareASale pays you on the 20th of the following month.

Getting Started with advertising revenue from your blog

  • Although signing up for Google AdSense is simple, activating your account might take anywhere from a day to many weeks.
  • You might need to be patient at least two months for advertising money to begin to flow.
  • To be eligible for a payment, you must earn at least $100. If you work hard enough you might reach this limit within your first two month depending on your targeted traffic and niche
  • After you hit the $100 minimum payment threshold, earnings are paid between the 21st and 26th of the next month. It can take four to 10 days to receive a payment via EFT and up to 15 days to receive payment as a wire transfer.

2. Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube has grown to be the second largest search engine in the world. While it is primarily known as a video platform, there is quite a bit of money to be made on YouTube if you do it right. With so many people using the site, there’s bound to be tons of opportunity to make money from video.

If others can make money on YouTube, so can you. Ryan, a 7-year-old YouTuber who reviews products, was the highest-paid YouTuber in 2018, earning $22 million. So, who doesn’t like to make a this amount as extra income?

You can earn money on YouTube by creating quality videos and promoting your brand. Producing original content that people want, whether instructional or entertaining, is the key to making money on YouTube. You may use a hilarious title to attract visitors to watch, or you can use YouTube-friendly keywords.

However, earning money on YouTube doesn’t come easy. You will have to put in a lot of effort and time to succeed. But if you have the right strategies and tactics, you can earn a lot of money on YouTube.

If you you think creating unique video content is what your good at then this method of making money online in South Africa is for you. YouTube payments won’t disappoint as long as you do it in right ways. Below are some of the great ways you can use to monetize your YouTube channel

  • Reach 1K subscribers and apply for the YouTube Partner Program
  • Become an affiliate marketer
  • Create sponsored content through brand deals
  • Create and sell your own product or merchandise
  • Turn to crowdfunding

3. Test websites and apps

You must be a computer expert if you want to be paid to test websites and applications. I’m just joking! That is what many people believe, yet it is not true. In reality, getting paid for website/app testing is essentially the improved version of filling out surveys for money, which will help with other areas such as ensuring that a site or app functions correctly or offering usability and design advice.

Basically, You’ll be making the web more functional, better place and less buggy while you’re earning at the same time! Good part of making money online in South Africa while testing website/app you don’t need a undergraduate or Master of Computer Science degree to be a website/app tester but all you required to have is your little experience in using smart devices and following setup

  • A computer, keyboard, and mouse
  • An internet connection
  • A microphone (not always required)
  • A webcam (not always required)

4. Social networking

If you’re addicted to social media, you may as well be paid for it! There are several approaches you may take. The first is to maintain, interact with, and grow diverse businesses’ social media profiles. A social media manager is another name for this role.

Most business owners wear several hats, and social media is typically the first thing they outsource. The second and more profitable method of making money from social media is to understand how to employ sponsored adverts.

You may make a lot of money if you know how to use ads to bring in new clients—far more than r1000 each day. There also different ways to use social networking making money online but the best ways including Earn Commissions Through Sponsored Posts, Get Paid for Reviewing Affiliate Products, Sell Your Own Products or Services and Get Paid to Share Your Knowledge

5. Pick up freelance work online

Freelancing is another greater way to Make Money Online In South Africa. You can work either independently or for an organization. Freelancers can be located anywhere in the world, as long as there’s an internet connection and you have a skill set that others value, you are good to go !

Freelancing means that you sell your skills and time to other people who need them. For example, if you have great skill in writing, you can start freelancing as a content writer for various websites. This is also a good job for people who are looking for side jobs or extra income on the side. If you work diligently, it is possible for you to earn a lot of money from freelancing.

You may also earn money as a freelance graphic designer, web developer, or almost any other skill that businesses need but cannot afford to hire an employee for.

Freelancing writer is by far the most common job opportunity out there. You can be a successful freelancer without being someone like Earnest Hemingway. All you need to do is learn how to market yourself and write well enough to satisfy demand at an average level of quality – and then reap the rewards!

The first step towards entering the field of freelance writing is understanding how to look for an entry-level position. Once you’ve managed to get steady work (and hopefully, enjoyed it), consider taking the next step and turning it into your profession. You might even try getting certified.

For in deep understanding on how to Make Money Online with freelance work In South Africa you can check on this publication >>> Start Freelancing Journey Guide

6. Trade Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most common ways for people to make money online. There are many popular exchanges where you can buy or sell digital currency using fiat currencies, such as USD or Euros.

Making money with cryptocurrency relies on three mechanisms:

  • Firstly, you can trade in the crypto market even if you don’t own any of it. It’s like trading on the gold market where you don’t have to hold it first before making investments.
  • Second, you may stake and lend coins to the system or other users using the currency you currently own.
  • Finally, you may participate in the blockchain system by mining or collecting coin rewards for for work done in the system.

7. Become an Instagram influencer

When it comes to social media, Instagram is the place to be if you want to become an influencer. Not only does it allow users to share photos with their friends and family, but it also has a large audience that can become your customers. With over 500 million users worldwide, and the popularity of Instagram continuing to grow, there is never been a better time to become an influencer on this platform.

How To Make Money Online In South Africa: 30 Easy Ways To Make Money Online Now
Become an Instagram influencer @ How To Make Money Online In South Africa

Becoming an Instagram influencer can be a great way to make money online in South Africa, as long as you are smart about how you go about it. Influencers got their start much like other online stars did: by building a huge following on social media, and then earning money through brand deals. Yep, it’s pretty easy to make money with Instagram if you know how the game is played.

Influencer Marketing has grown exponentially in 2018 – costing millions and millions of dollars from brands. This number continues to rise every year. In recent years, Influencers have been discovered to be a very prosperous business venture for those who know how to use them correctly. Many Influencers also charge high prices for their services because they are well-known and can generate high engagement rates because of their loyal followers.

Instagram influencers can charge anywhere between $75 and $3,000 per post. Even if you are at the lower end of the spectrum, it is still a lot of money for just one Instagram post.

8. Edit legal transcripts

Have you ever heard of a scopist who works online? I didn’t either until I started researching for this article. It turns out to be an extremely flexible online job paying up to r1000 a day. You are effectively in control of making changes to court reports.

Court reporters utilize stenotype machines to quickly document what is spoken in court using a type of coding. This is then translated into English, which often contains spelling and grammatical problems. This is where an online scopist can assist.

Scopists must enjoy language and pay great attention to detail, and they may even be Type-A OCD. Because court reports can determine life or death of someone, thus they must be as detailed as possible.

9. Complete Online surveys

Online surveys are a great way to make some extra cash in South Africa. They might not be the most popular way to make money, but they can be a great way to make some extra cash. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money and fill in some extra hours, then online surveys might be something you should consider.

They won’t make you a lot of money, but they can be a good way to earn some cash if you have time to fill in surveys each day. Instead of spending your time watching TV or reading magazines, you can spend your time taking surveys instead.

How To Make Money Online In South Africa: 30 Easy Ways To Make Money Online Now
How To Make Money Online In South Africa Now

If you have a smartphone, you can take paid surveys on the go, and you can take them whenever you have a few minutes to spare. There are even apps available for your tablet or laptop that you can use to take paid surveys whenever you want.

A variety of online sites are now paying people to share their opinions on anything from politics to pop culture. E-Rewards is one such website where individuals who are at least 13 years old can take surveys and receive a reward in return

GlobalTestMarket and Harris Poll Online are two other alternatives. The amount you earn is determined by how many paid surveys you qualify for and how quickly you finish them.

10. Make Money Typing From Home

You might not think that making money from typing is even possible, but it is.  The best part of this method of making money online in South Africa is you don’t need any special skills or expensive software to get started. You can begin with as little as $1.50 per hour and work your way up to a six-figure income. You may not think that typing is a lucrative gig, but it can be. Whether you’re looking for a side gig to make some extra cash or you want to establish yourself as a freelancer, you should incorporate this into your cash-making strategies.

There are many tasks you can do to earn money, ranging from Data Entry, Transcription, Handwritten Documents to Order Entry Clerk. These typing jobs barely take any time or money at all! All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can start working right away. You don’t even need complicated hardware or software, just whatever comes standard on your laptop or desktop!

11. Earn money by playing video games

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money, don’t forget about making cash from your gaming obsession. Play video games, get paid. Post them on social media, get paid. Pretty cool, right?

Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. With this popularity, video games have become a source of income for many people. Many people play video games as a hobby, but some people earn money by playing video games.

There are numerous opportunities to make money playing video games. Some common ways that people make money playing video games include earning money from streaming, Get Paid Directly to Play, Video Game Coaching, Become a Game Tester, Become a Professional Gamer and Stream on Twitch

12. Make money as an affiliate marketer

Working as an affiliate marketer can be a great way to make money online in South Africa. And affiliate marketing has many different variations and affiliate marketplaces where you can choose to work as an affiliate marketer. Different affiliate marketing programs have different payouts. Some will pay you a flat rate for every lead you convert. Others will pay you a percentage of the profit you generate for the advertiser.

The payouts will change depending on which affiliate marketing program you choose to work with. So before you choose which affiliate marketing program to sign up with, you should check out what they have to offer and see how much money you can make.

13. Set up websites for small companies

Use of the internet has skyrocketed in the past decade, providing tremendous opportunity for those willing and able to create content and help businesses found online.

When it comes to making money online selling your services as a website builder, the possibilities are endless and there is no limit to where you could be in the coming years. And the best part about this method of making money online in South Africa for Free is you don’t need expert coding skills to get started.

Building websites is a fun and captivating hobby. You can get started for free, and for cheap with only your computer, an internet connection, and some time to spare. Creating a website nowadays is vastly different from that of only a few years ago. Creating unique websites no longer necessitates sophisticated coding abilities, thanks to platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and others.

The basic knowledge here is very simple you just build simple  Business web sites, give them away to the client and then get paid to build more or promote products/services afterwards.

14. Sell your photography

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, there are many ways to earn some extra cash from photography – all of which don’t require a lot of fancy equipment. It doesn’t matter how old your phone is either! So even if you don’t have much experience with photography, you can still try it out for yourself and see what works best for you.

Licensing photos is one of the most popular ways to generate revenue from photography. It allows you to sell your photographs to brands, publishers, and other entities with interests in using them. That’s the key here, though. What you need to do is work backward and start thinking about how your photo can be used by brand or website owners. Flexible photos that are expressive are often very popular – specifically ones which feature people.

There are a lot of stock photo sites to choose from but some of what considered best includes Alamy, 500px, SmugMug Pro and more

15. Sell Unused Stuff

You don’t need more clutter in your home. Whatever you’ve got lying around, it needs to go. Forget about moving it or putting it in storage, just sell it! Not only does this reduce clutter, but it also one of the easiest way to make money online in South Africa. That’s right! You don’t need a business idea. You don’t need to start a blog (though it does help).

All you need is a few hours, basic typing skills and, most importantly, some spare stuff you don’t use anymore. Whether it’s your old iPod or your broken mountain bike, you can put them to work by selling them online.

Selling online is great! Selling online in SA has many benefits such as being easy and doing less work. You just need to find a platform that works best for your kind of product then voila, you are ready to generate some sales! Some of the best platform you may use to start selling your unused items includes Facebook Market Place, TakeALot, Gumtree, BidorBuy and Olx

16. Start A Podcast

Podcasts are a booming medium for streaming audio and delivering long-form content. And with good reason! Podcasts are ideal for long-form storytelling, and the ability to have a regular flow of new content makes them a top choice for fans of serial fiction.

They are either streamed or downloaded from online platforms like iTunes to your mobile or desktop devices. With the increasing number of podcasts available, there has been a rise in awareness about them. Many people are now listening to podcasts for the first time. As a result, many podcasters have emerged as new producers and content creators. There are many ways to make money from your podcast. If you know how to create a podcast, you can make money from it.

17. Launch An Online Course

Can you make money with online courses in South Africa? The answer is a resounding YES! Yes, you can make money from an online course.

Learning is one of the biggest reasons why people use the Internet. And while there are endless sites devoted to sharing recipes, important news stories, and how to make candles out of things you can find around your house (like old t-shirts or recycled soda cans) — sometimes, you want to learn something that’s a little more practical, or specific. This is where online courses come in.

This high demand for information has created an immense opportunity for those who are willing to share their wisdom with others. Some do this by blogging, publishing books or giving lectures, but there is also the option of starting an online course. This new way of teaching can become one way to make money from your expertise.

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