How To Choose Best Smartphone 2021

How To Choose Best Smartphone 2021

Here you will find information about How To Choose Best Smartphone 2021 | jinsi ya kununua smarphone | Jinsi ya kuchagua smartphone Nzuli

Looking for a new phone, a new tablet or a new Note? then Here is our guide on how to choose best Smartphone.

Android smartphones are more than just making a voice call and sending text messages. They are like our second brain that you might carry in your bag or pocket. Smartphones can bring the world of information at your finger tips. However, buying a smartphone is a tough task as thousands of items are available in all price ranges. In this article, let’s explore some basic steps to consider before buying an Android phone.

Its very important to get your priorities straight When choosing a new smartphone.The simplest way to choose the best smartphone is by start with matching your budget and requirements. If you spend most of the time using social media and instant messaging, you can get a phone with a fairly large screen and decent hardware for about $200. A smooth and seamless gaming experience can be possible from a phone that starts around $400. Use the following steps to further improve your purchasing decision.

How To Choose Best Smartphone 2021 ( jinsi ya kununua smarphone )


The most important factor for many people when selecting next smartphone is Budget. Regardless of your needs and desires, the final decision depends on your budget, There is no way one would want to buy a smartphone with 120MP selfie camera with USD 200 Budget, its technically impossible. Even if you have a big budget, you should not buy an overloaded device, if you only use your smartphone for voice calls, email and social media. A good strategy is to make a list of Android models within your price range and choose the best one, depending on the factors that you prioritize.


The choice of operating system is actually more complicated than you might imagine because both operating systems have a large list of pros and cons. But If you are someone who enjoys fiddling with your device and customizing it to your liking, then you are team Android.

How To Choose Best Smartphone 2021
How To Choose Best Smartphone 2021

If you like a simple, Unique and powerful operating system that gets constant software updates and is supported for longer, then iOS may be your best option but be aware that iOS way too expensive compared to Android smartphone.

3. Design and Functionality

Unlike Apple’s iPhone, there are many companies making Android phones in the market. This is where personal taste plays an important role. Everyone has a different opinion about the external appearance of the device. Some people want the most elegant design, while others prioritize performance.

Design also affects functionality. For example, the one-piece metal design is generally considered stylish and modern. However, common features such as the removable battery and microSD card slot are not allowed to be used. Regardless of the model, you have to make sure that it is convenient and comfortable to fit your budget.


How To Choose Best Smartphone 2021
How To Choose Best Smartphone 2021

Your smartphone’s processor/chipset, or SoC, is the component responsible for everything that runs on your smartphone. It’s basically the brain of the system, and most of these processors also come with AI capabilities that make your smartphone as “smart” as it is today.

A capable processor not only allows your device to run smoothly, but it is also capable of boosting other factors. One example of this is image processing. For example, Samsung phones come in two variants – one of which hosts a Snapdragon chipset (the last one is the Snapdragon 865+).

In contrast, the other uses Samsung’s internal Exynos processor (most recently the Exynos 990). Some reviewers openly stated that there is a perceptible difference not only in the processing power of the two variants, as the Snapdragon is faster, but also in the image processing capabilities.

Therefore, when you choose your next smartphone, it is essential to know which processor it is compatible with since performance is directly related to it.

On other side RAM, refers to the system memory that smartphones use to hold data used by active apps. A portion of your smartphone’s RAM is always used by the operating system to keep it running. We won’t go into the nitty-gritty of phone RAM usage as it includes explaining terms like kernel space which will end up taking up a lot of space in this article.

Having enough RAM can allow you to run more apps in the background, which greatly affects your multitasking experience. However, some smartphones break all the barriers and install 12-16 GB of RAM in their smartphones. This is definitely overkill for smartphones, especially if you don’t plan on switching between 10-20 apps at the same time.

If you are a light smartphone user, someone who only uses their phone for calls, texting, What- sApp and light browsing, you can easily get 3-4 GB of RAM. For professional users, something around the ballpark of 6-8GB is perfectly fine.

5. Battery life

Its also very important selecting device with battery life that fits your daily requirements. Smartphone are device primarily designed to be mobile. No one want to end up purchasing smartphone that need recharging every 2 hour since most of us spend our day on situation where charging phone is nearly impossible until we back to our houses. Having smartphone with longer battery life is very important If you travel often.

The mAh number of the battery should not fool you, as it does not always indicate the actual battery life. Even if the battery has a higher mAh value, the battery life may not differ much from other models, if the smartphone has a powerful processor and a high-resolution screen.

If your smartphone has fast charging technology and Doze mode, you can extend the battery life even more. It is best to check user reviews to make sure that your device is working fine.

6.Camera Quality

In 2020, multiple cameras are the norm and phones with a single rear camera are very rare now. You usually get a primary lens that has the highest megapixel count, a portrait lens, and a wide angle shooter. And then, you also have some extras that some manufacturers add like a ToF (time of flight) sensor, a macro lens, and a color filter lens. We, at Digit Labs, are fans of the wide-angle lens because of the huge amount of photos you can now take on phones.

How To Choose Best Smartphone
How To Choose Best Smartphone 2021

Capturing sprawling scenes is no longer a problem! A portrait lens, when done well, can produce stunning bokeh shots too.

However, if this trend doesn’t work for you and you’re pissed off with growing camera bumps, it would be better to buy older phones with one primary lens or a newer like the iPhone SE 2020. Also, don’t go hunting, higher megapixels don’t always mean better photos since sensor size An integral part of producing good photos.

Smartphones also use pixel binning technology, which basically converts four or more pixels into one large pixel, adding clarity and detail to the image. Also, for now, try to steer clear of the 108MP sensors as they are too harsh around the edges at the moment that have image flicker and autofocus issues.