How to check KCPE Form One Placement 2022

How to check KCPE Form One Placement 2022

As an incoming Form 1 student, one of the most important things on your mind would be your exam result and then form one school placement. You would have heard all sorts of stories from upper form students and you would want to know where you will end up. This post is meant to give you a little insight into the process of Form One Placement 2022 and what to expect.

First of all you need to understand that placements are not solely based on academic performance but involve a lot of other factors too. The main ones being, your interests as well as strengths and weaknesses. Secondly, the placement process begins early, from when you are in Standard 7 so it’s never too early to start thinking about it! Finally, there are many schools out there and each has its own unique culture so it is important that you do your research and find which school is a best fit for you or your children.

How to check KCPE Form One Placement 2022
How to check KCPE Form One Placement 2022

How to check KCPE Form One Placement 2022

The long-awaited form one selection and placement has finally been released and the deadline for reporting to the placed schools is 3rd May 2022. Students across the country have been waiting anxiously to see where they will be placed. For some, it will be a new school in a new town. For others, it will be a chance to reconnect with old friends. But for all of them, it will be a new adventure.

The Education Cabinet secretary Prof George Magoha has announced that candidates who sat for the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams will soon know their secondary schools placement.

The placement is usually done based on merit. The student’s performance is taken into account. The best students are usually placed in the best schools And the secondary schools’ selection is categorized into:

  • National Schools
  • Extra County School (Formerly Provincial Schools)
  • County Schools

According to Education CS 38, 799 students who sat for the 2021 KCPE have been placed in national schools. Ana additional 214, 960 students have been placed in Extra County Schools.

Furthermore, 2045 students will attend special needs schools while, 218, 465 would attend county schools.

The Cs have encouraged that no kid should be turned away due to a fee balance and have asked parents to pay just the school fees specified by the ministry of education.

So, how do you find out which high school you’ve been enrolled into? So, here’s a quick way to check your placement

  • SMS Candidate’s Index number to 22263
  • You will receive the details of the school via text
  • The charge is KES 25 per SMS
  • You can also check details through the Ministry of Education Website
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