Hip Dip Workout- Best Workout To Get Rid Of Hip Dip

Best Workout To Get Rid Of Hip Dip

What is a hip dip?

Hip flexion is a strain that runs along the hip joint, below the hip bone. Some might call it the harp. Instead of following the curves that the carrier seems to pull on the outer edge of the hip, they have an indentation. These indentations are small and barely noticeable or perhaps even noticeable. It is a natural part of your body structure.

What causes hip dip?

The pelvis is the part attached to the deepest part of the spine, called the trochanter. These indents are more noticeable to some people. This is due to the amount of fat and muscle distribution in your body structure. Low back pain can be observed depending on the width of the hips, the shape of the hips, and the distribution of fat in the body. You may also be more noticeable when wearing certain types of clothing.

Best Workout To Get Rid Of Hip Dip

Exercise to reduce hip dips

If you want to slightly reduce the appearance of sagging in the hips, you can do some exercises. They can help you build muscle and lose fat.

Look in the mirror for yourself to make sure you did it the right way. For any exercises you do on one side, start with your legs that are weak or not very flexible. This is when you start with the narrow side and the second side seems easier.

Start with one or two sets a day and increase it gradually. You can do different exercises on different days. Try to do these exercises for at least 20 minutes a day, and plan to do them 4 to 6 times a week.

These exercises strengthen and stabilize your muscles:

1. Hip opener

Best Workout To Get Rid Of Hip Dip
Best Workout To Get Rid Of Hip Dip

These movements target the thighs, waist and buttocks from the outside. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed between your hands and knees. You can use dumbbells behind the knee to increase the difficulty of this exercise.

  • Come to all fours like the Cat-Cow Pose. Make sure your hands are under your shoulders and your knees below your hips.
  • Breathe in as you raise one foot at a 90-degree angle with the other foot. Keep your knees bent.
  • Gently push the foot in. Do not let the knee touch the ground before lifting it again.
  • Do this activity 15 times. On the last repetition, press the foot 10 times before lowering it to the upper position.
  • Repeat on opposite sides.

2. Jump again to jump


This exercise is useful for giving the body balance and calm. Her thighs and buttocks are working. Make sure the front and front legs are connected. Pull your center during the pose.

  • Come and stand before your chest and hand in the chapel.
  • Squeeze and raise your right knee with your chest
  • Come out and raise your hands to your ears, and hold your hands facing each other as you return your right foot.
  • Bend your right knee. Hold it with your feet behind you and put your toes forward.
  • Breathe in to raise your right knee to your chest. In the meantime, return your hands to the place of prayer.
  • Do 12 moves. On the last repetition, hold the foot and push into the position 12 times.
  • Repeat on the opposite side.


Squats are a great way to strengthen your thighs, hips, and buttocks. Make sure your back is straight and your toes are facing forward. Move your abdominal muscles for extra help. You can get one leg up when doing these squats.


  • Standing legs slightly wider than hips.
  • Gently toss the desk as if you were sitting in a chair.
  • Breathe in the air and raise.
  • Repeat this 12 times.
  • Final repetition hold the low position and press the pulse 12 times.

4. Stand to one side

side stand

These functions include the sides of the legs, buttocks, and hips. Always keep your buttocks lowered in this squat. Each time the legs come together, bend them slightly. You may come on a little while on the move, but don’t come all the time. You can also do these tasks with ankle weights.

This exercise targets hip flexors, quads, and hamstrings.

How to perform:

  1. Lunge your right leg to the side, until the knee is bent 90 degrees;
  2. Your left leg is extended towards the left side, your left foot is on the floor;
  3. Lean your upper body slightly forward;
  4. Hold this pose for 25-30 seconds and then switch sides.

5.Gluteal bridge

  1. Bend the knees and place the feet flat on the floor.
  2. Lift your hips to their fullest level, lifting fully back off the floor.
  3. Consider extending your knees forward toward the wall in front of you so you can lengthen your hips. Interlock your fingers below the body by wrapping them over the heads of the shoulders to get more release through the front of the body and the hips.
  4. Lift high and hold.

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