Guilty Gear Strive Tier List 2022 | Best Fighters Ranked

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List 2022 | Best Fighters Ranked

Guilty Gear Strive is a dynamic and fast-paced 2D fighting title that delivers an amazing sense of speed and flow with its frantic gameplay and spectacular combos. Powered by Unreal™ Engine 3, Guilty Gear Strive merges stylized Japanese 2D hand-drawn artwork with high detailed Western animation to create a visual masterpiece that will please the senses of many game lovers around the word.

In Guilty Gear Strive 2D fighting game, you will fight against a variety of characters. You end yourself fighting the guy who is responsible for all of the world’s ruin and harm. This is a fantastic fighting game for anime fans. Because Guilty Gear Strive is a character-based game, here is the Guilty Gear Strive Tier List to help you choose the greatest fighters in the game.

Three prizes were even given to the game in 2021. As a fighting game, it’s critical to understand which characters are crucial and powerful compared to those that may not seem to be very useful.

Since its debut on PC and PlayStation back in 2021, Guilty Gear Strive has been enjoyed by its players. The game is reportedly on its way to Xbox. Arc System Works is the company that created and released the game. Without further ado, the list of all characters’ Tiers is shown below.

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List

Now, before we get to the ranking of all the characters in the game, you need to know that each of the characters will be divided according to their source. The S-tier fighters are the best in the game and should be your first choice when selecting which character to use in a match. The C-tier fighters are not so good and you should avoid taking them to a fight. Let us begin with the list.

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List 2022 | Best Fighters Ranked
Guilty Gear Strive Tier List 2022 | Best Fighters Ranked

Guilty Gear Strive Best Fighters Ranked

Character Role
Giovanna Rush
I-No Rush
Ky Kiske Balance
May Balance
Potemkin Power Throw
Ramlethal Valentine Shooting
Sol Badguy Balance

Guilty Gear Strive – A Tier List

Character Role
Anji Mito Balance
Zato-1 Technical
FaustRole Unique
Nagoriyukiter One-Shot

Guilty Gear Strive – B Tier List

Character Role
Axl Low Long-Range
Leo Whitefang Balance
Millia Rage High Speed

Guilty Gear Strive – C Tier List

Character Role
Chipp Zanuff High Speed

This brings us to the end of the tier list of the greatest combat characters to use when competing in the game Guilty Gear Strive. As with any tier list, people might have various perspectives on which characters deserve to be on it. If you have a different tier list than the one provided above, you may create and rate your characters in the comments area below.

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