GTA San Andreas Cheat File Download For Android

GTA San Andreas Cheat File Download For Android

GTA San Andreas is a popular Rockstar Games game. It was released in October 2004 and is still very popular among gamers around the world. The game’s nostalgic appeal is still evident ten years later. This is mainly due to the possibility to use cheat codes to gain an extra edge. Cheat codes allow you to add weapons, supercars, and bikes as well as jetpacks and jetpacks.

Back in the old days, GTA San Andreas players used to write down their cheat codes on paper. It was unimaginable to play the game without using it. Whether you’re a Beginner or a Legendary GTA San Andreas player Looking for the GTA San Andreas cheat file download for Android, Then you have come to the right place. Below you will find a list of cheat codes for the GTA San Andreas Android version that will assist you in your gameplay.

GTA San Andreas Cheat Code For Android

GTA San Andreas Cheat File Download For Android
GTA San Andreas Cheat File Download For Android
These codes require you to connect a physical keyboard for your Android device in order for them to work.

(New) A full invinicibility cheat (no damage from guns, fire, falls, explosions, drowning, etc.; any car you enter is permanently invulnerable too) GONPXWR

(New) Debugging feature: “Show Mappings” KRRIHBT

(New) Debugging feature: “Show Tap To Target” MIZYXHZ

(New) Debugging feature: “Show Targeting” JQFUDUB

(New) Instantly completes your current mission, if on one (does not work on all missions) BYIXZIY

(New) Move time forward by four hours YACKMWS

(New) Obtain Weapon Set 4 (sex toy, minigun, thermal goggles; re-enter cheat to get night-vision goggles) BIEUHQY

GTA San Andreas Gameplay Speed Cheats

  • Slow Down FNJFCZC
  • Speed Up EHWBWDS

GTA San Andreas Gang Cheats

  • Gang wars everywhere (can be toggled) EAMLJNN
  • No pedestrians aside from gang members having gunfights HAPOHXR
  • Recruit anyone, with a rocket launcher QAONHOH
  • Recruit anyone, with an AK-47 AWIOMPH
  • Recruit anyone, with pistols JEZRPI

GTA San Andreas Misc. Cheats

  • Beach Theme (changes CJ’s outfit, pedestrian apparel, and traffic) BWCMMTD
  • Carnival/Circus Theme (CJ is a clown, pedestrians are mostly fast-food workers and clowns, traffic is mostly fast food vehicles) HDLIWGB
  • Pimp Theme (CJ wears a gimp suit, pedestrians are mostly pimps and prostitutes with sex toys, prostitutes follow CJ) BNIZWSB
  • Rural Theme (CJ is a trucker, pedestrians become those mostly seen in rural areas) OAXCCRI
  • Triad Theme (CJ has a katana, pedestrians are mostly Triads, and most traffic is motorbikes) AAUSQP

GTA San Andreas Pedestrian Cheats

  • Chaos & Mayhem (note: cheat is permanent and can make a late-game mission impossible to finish) AKOZBCH
  • Elvis is everywhere LNHVOAE
  • Pedestrian Riot NJXPCYE
  • Pedestrians Attack You FARYJHZ
  • Pedestrians attack you with guns ERFBFNI
  • Pedestrians Have Weapons GDNXHDK

GTA San Andreas Player Cheats

  • Adrenaline SLSNRKK
  • CJ can jump really high (be wary of fall damage) BFMANNZP
  • Commit Suicide SLOTSFK
  • Full Weapon Aiming in Vehciles RYSMRM
  • Get full health and armor, and obtain $250,000 PJYNQCQ
  • Infinite Ammo NECUMZ
  • Infinite Lung Capacity (note: you this only makes your air not drain underwater; you still must boost your capacity for some missions) POOOJOX
  • Maximum Fat AESHXWQI
  • Maximum Muscle SGVDSQW
  • Maximum Respect MTGIISR
  • Maximum Sex Appeal APGZLQR
  • Maximum Stamina AEZLCKXU
  • Never Hungry KBTMUVH
  • Obtain a jetpack CDGUDEP
  • Obtain a parachute GSUMLEG
  • Semi-invincibility (cannot be damaged by fire or guns, but still are hurt by explosions, falling, police helicopters, and drowning) BLOKKIK
  • Super Punch (CJ knocks people he punches very far away, instantly killing them) LRMYOJM
  • Zero Fat & Muscle AWXDCRJ

GTA San Andreas Time Cheats

  • Time is stuck at dusk (21:00, i.e. 9 PM) KTGDLXY
  • Time is stuck at midnight (00:00) AWUJNBB

GTA San Andreas Traffic Cheats

  • Aggressive Drivers IOKXTFJ
  • All Green Lights ENQCFMA
  • Black Cars GOYDVAO
  • Pink Cars GYKVYTR
  • Traffic is mostly rural vehicles JTBCSN
  • Traffic is mostly sports cars FRIUBIL
  • Traffic very rarely spawns; parked cars still spawn however DEHDRX

Vehicle Cheats

  • All cars have nitro WUSDOTO
  • Bicycles take massive bunny hops TDBKCEH
  • Boats can fly PTHSEO
  • Cars can fly DOTBSFK
  • Cars you run into explode on contact; your car is invincible (but said invincibility sometimes randomly turns off) BXBTUBTI
  • Colliding with other cars makes them float away JBVIJXA
  • Explode All Cars BKFONFE
  • Perfect Handling DLNNHZJ

Vehicle Spawn Cheats

  • Caddy DAHESZY
  • Hearse PSPNATX
  • Hydra AWPTMIIQ
  • Race Car (#1) BIGLWCDD
  • Race Car (#2) HPGPIJZ
  • Race Car (#3) BGJPSYC
  • Race Car (#4) BIEAVBAY
  • Rhino AYNVQVK
  • Stretch IXSMWCQ
  • Trashmaster QPOLSVK

Wanted Level Cheats

  • 6 Star Wanted Level GWJZWC
  • Get rid of your Wanted Level KDTZNHO
  • Raise Wanted Level by 2 NCBXXDX
  • Wanted Level locks at its current state BYKGOAB

Weapon Cheats

GTA San Andreas Cheat File Download For Android
GTA San Andreas Cheat File Download For Android
  • Obtain Weapon Set 1 BEFWKSBQ
  • Obtain Weapon Set 2 SHHIHJG
  • Obtain Weapon Set 3 GOIZSSX

Weather Cheats

  • Cloudy VBWEMQX
  • Fast Weather OWAKIJ
  • Foggy EGCEBVM
  • Rainy TAVPIER
  • Sandstorm JBWDWWO
  • Stormy EAKILHM
  • Sunny AAEXPPQC
  • Very Sunny HTRTTVJ

GTA San Andreas Cheat File Download For Android


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