Government Jobs At SONGWE District Council 2022

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Government Jobs At SONGWE District Council 2022 February

Nafasi za kazi Serikalini SONGWE District Council February, 2022. 

Songwe is a region of Tanzania created on 29 January 2016 from the western half of Mbeya Region. Its capital is Vwawa. Geography: Songwe Region borders the countries of Zambia and Malawi to the south: Tunduma is the main entry point into Zambia while Isongole is the main entry point into Malawi. Songwe also borders the Tanzanian regions of Rukwa and Katavi in the west, Tabora in the north, and Mbeya in the east. Lake Rukwa is a major body of water in the western part of the region. The East African Rift and Southern Highlands run through the region.

Economy: The main economic activities in Songwe Region are agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishing. Crops cultivated include paddy rice, maize, coffee, sesame, sunflowers, beans, and sorghum. Local inhabitants are Wandali, Wanyiha and Wabungu,Wanyamwanga, Walambya. The Maasai and Sukuma people in the region practice pastoralism. The gross domestic product of the region was provisionally estimated at 1888.3 billion Tanzanian shillings in 2016.

Transport: Both the Tanzam Highway and the TAZARA Railway run through Vwawa and Tunduma in the southern part of the Songwe Region. Tanzam refers to the Tanzania -Zambia Highway, while TAZARA refers to the Tanzania and Zambia Railway Authority that was completed in 1975 to facilitate transportation of heavy goods and people between the two countries with the help of the Chinese government.

Today we announce jobs at SONGWE District Council. Read carefully all currently available jobs descriptions by downloading PDF File attached….

Position: Records Management Officer
Deadline: 15th February, 2022.

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