Gotv Packages Kenya | Gotv Channels And Prices 2022

Gotv Packages And Prices Kenya

Gotv Packages Kenya | Gotv Channels And Prices 2022: Choosing the right Cable TV service provider may sometimes be a complicated thing to do. Of course, we all don’t want to spend our money where we will not enjoy them to the fullest. If that the case we brought to you all details about Gotv including Gotv Packages Kenya and their prices in KESH so that we can help you with easy tour decision-making on whether you should by Gotv or opt for other options.

Here we brought you information on all the Gotv Packages Kenya, GOtv channels list, and prices available to you once you decide to get a GoTv decoder.

GoTv is one of the most affordable  Cable TVs that provides the greatest selection of local channels made in Africa for Africa. Owned by Multichoice Nigeria which is a subsidiary of Multichoice Africa, owners of DSTV.

However, the GoTV network is not operating in a similar way as the DSTV since it is not operated via Satellite transmission. Its broadcast method is quite similar to those used in many TV stations like AIT but offers the user high-quality audio and video.

GOtv is the place to find African television channels and lots of family entertainment. It offers an assortment of local and international which come in different GOtv packages that are readily available at a very affordable price.

There number of  GOtv packages available for subscribers and if you are not yet one,  Let be honest you are surely missing out a lot. Currently GOtv Kenya has three major packages and these include

Gotv Packages-Gotv Packages Kenya
Gotv Packages Kenya

Gotv Packages Kenya

  • GOtv Max
  • GOtv Plus
  • GOtv Value
  • GOtv Lite

gotv packages and Price

Package Price per Month
GOtv Max KESH 1050
GOtv Plus KESH 799
GOtv Value KESH 499
GOtv Lite KESH 250

Gotv packages and channels list

Below are gotv packages and channels list that are currently offered by gotv tv service Gotv Packages Kenya AND Channel List

GOtv Max Gotv Packages  ( KES 1050 )

GOtv Max package comprises 50+ world-class channels (GOtv channels list ) one can choose from with just KES 1050 monthly cost. GOtv Max is packed with different channels to cover different consumer tastes. It does not matter whether your a sport, movies, or cartoon lover, with GOtv Max Gotv Packages you will always find something to watch.

General Entertainment  (4) News and Commerce
  • E! Entertainment Television
  • FOX
  • FOX Life
  • Maisha Magic East
  • BBC World News
  • CNN International
  • Africa News Network 7
  • Al Jazeera
Kids and Teens  (5) Other African Channels  (5)
  • Nickelodeon
  • Disney Junior
  • Jim Jam
  • PBS Kids
  • Da Vinci Kids
  • eTV Africa.
  • Africa Magic Epic
  • Africa Magic Family
  • Real Time.
  • Maisha Magic Bongo
  • Pearl Magic.
  • ROK2
Movies  (2) Kenyan Channels only on GOtv  (1)
M-Net Movies 4 Maisha Magic East.
B4U Movies
Music  (4) Novellas  (3)
  • MTV Base
  • AFRO Music English
  • Telemundo
  • Eva +
  • Zee World
Religion  (3) Documentary, Lifestyle & Education  (2)
Faith Discovery Family
Islam Channel NatGeo Wild
Emmanuel TV
Sport  (4) Audio  (4)
ESPN Radio Milele
SS Select 2 Maisha FM
SS Blitz Hope FM
SS Select 1 Classic FM
Local Channels  (9)
  • Inooro TV
  • Kameme TV
  • NTV
  • KTN
  • Citizen TV
  • KTN News
  • K24

GOtv Plus (KES 799)

GOtv plus comprises over 40 top quality local and international channels as shown above except the followings are not included

  • Pearl Magic
  • ROK2
  • SS Select 2
  • SS Select 1
  • ESPN
  • Trace Gospel

GOtv Value (KES 499)

This package with over 30 channels. It includes all channels as listed in Gotv max packages excepts the following channels are not included

Telemundo TRACE Mziki
Maisha Magic Bongo. Trace Gospel
Pearl Magic. MTV Base
ROK2 SS Select 1
Da Vinci Kids CNN International
Africa News Network 7 PBS Kids
Zee World

GOtv Lite Gotv Packages (KES 250Monthly)

GOtv lite is packed with over 20 channels including the following

eTV Africa. K24
Kameme TV Jim Jam
Inooro TV AFRO Music English
NTV Islam Channel
KTN Emmanuel TV
Citizen TV Al Jazeera
KTN News Radio Milele
Classic FM Maisha FM
Hope FM

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