Download BirdA Flash Tool Latest version

Free Download BirdA Flash Tool Latest version

BirdA Flash Tool is a simple program that allows you to flash scatter-based stock ROMs on MediaTek-powered mobile handsets. The flash utility may also be used to flash custom recovery files or to remove the FRP lock on your device. On this page, you will find two mirror links to download BirdA Tool. We sent it in the form of a zip file that included the MTK USB Driver and a tutorial.

BirdA Flash Tool Latest version enables you to install the scatter-based flash file (Firmware) on MediaTek SOC-powered devices. We recommend that you use the most recent version of this program.

Features Of BirdA Flash Tool Latest version

  1. It enables users to update Firmware or stock ROM on MediaTek devices, including tablets. Connect your MediaTek device to your PC, add the Scatter file, and then flash the file to flash the firmware.
  2. BirdA tool is a simple utility app for MediaTek devices that is simple and convenient. It is easy to use because there is no need to install the utility; simply execute the executable file and utilize it.
  3. Update & Downgrade – The program allows users to upgrade and downgrade Android versions on MediaTek devices. It is carried out in the same manner as flashing the device’s factory ROM or Firmware.
  4. Support for MediaTek Devices – Because BirdA is an official MediaTek tool, it supports the majority of MediaTek phones and tablets. Although it does not support feature phones
  5. Portable Tool – The tool comes in an executable format and does not require installation to use it. To run the tool double click on the exe file and use it.

How To Flash Stock Firmware using BirdA Flash Tool

NOTE: To complete the flashing process, your Mediatek gadget has to be at least 40 to 50 percent charged.

  1. Install the Mediatek Driver on your computer. If you already have Mediatek Drivers installed on your PC, you may skip this step.
  2. Download and extract the Stock Firmware (scatter-based) of your Mediatek Device (you can find Stock Firmware on FirmwareFile or through Google).
  3. BirdA Tool should be downloaded and extracted to your computer. Once BirdA Tool has been extracted, you will see many files in the folder.
  4. Now, run flash tool.exe to start the tool.
  5. After launching BirdA Tool, click the Scatter-Loading Button.
  6. Locate the Scatter File now (you can find the scatter file in the stock firmware of your device).
  7. Uncheck the Preloader box now (flashing preloader.bin may brick the device).
  8. To start the flashing process, click the Download button.
  9. Use the USB Cable to connect your Mediatek Device to the computer (make sure it is Power Off). After connecting the device to the computer, press the Volume Down or Volume Up key to allow your computer to recognize it.
  10. When the BirdA Tool recognizes the Device, the flashing process begins.
  11. A Green Ring will emerge at the end of the Flashing Process once it has been finished.
  12. Now, reconnect your device and close the BirdA Flash Tool on your PC.

Free Download BirdA Flash Tool Latest version

BirdA Tool is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system, from Windows XP to Windows 11. (x32 or x64 bit). If you are seeking for the most recent version of the Flash Tool, visit the following URLs to download it to your computer:

File Name:
Alternative Name: BirdA FlashTool v1620
File Size: 39.8 MB
Developer: Mediatek Inc.

Get This File Now
Download BirdA Flash Tool Latest version
Download BirdA Flash Tool Latest version

Caution: We do not recommend you to flash the preloader.bin file using the BirdA Tool as it may brick the device. Therefore, always untick the preloader.bin option before Starting the Flashing Process.

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