DIT Online Application 2021/2022 – DIT SAS

DIT Online Application 2021/2022 – DIT SAS

DIT Online Application 2021/2022 for undergraduate; DIT Online Application for degree; DIT Student admission system; DIT online application system login 2021/22

Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology online application system is a part of Student Information System that capable of managing the entire admissions process, from initial contact to full enrollment.

In case you don’t know Student Information System also referred to as a Student Management System (SMS), Student Information Management System (SIMS), or Student Record System (SRS), this is a software solution designed to help schools track and manage all of their student data – everything from grades, attendance, behavior information, and more Basically, SIS acts as the primary database for all school operations.

DIT Online Application 2021/2022 - DIT SAS
DIT Online Application 2021/2022 – DIT SAS

DIT online application system is a game changer to Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology as it offers many functionality and can manage many applications within a day. Below we take a look into some advantages and disadvantages of   DIT online application system ( DIT admission system )

Advantages of  DIT admission system

Applicants Convenience – One of the best benefits of the online application system is that applicants can opt to submit their applications at their convenience. All that is required is access to a Smart phone or computer with internet connection. Messy handwriting, delay in courier delivery, loss of postal connectivity, etc. are not going to disrupt online admission process.

Logistics – No more running out of paper applications, choosing the right color ink pens, unreadable printed matter, or wondering if your application was received at all. The online application method provides candidates for Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology with a standardized platform for completing application forms. The system is simple because the confirmation is almost immediate.

An advantage to DIT Staff–Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology administration has significant benefits in the online enrollment process. Quick and easy access to student databases and records, an efficient system for filtering candidates, and application processing are possible through the online application process.

Are There Any Disadvantage of DIT application system?

Computer Literacy and Internet Access – In most of Tanzania region, though Internet penetration is rather high but Internet connectivity and speed issues are a major barrier.

Low Computer Literacy – Another major concern is the low rate of computer literacy in Tanzania.

Security Concerns – In some cases Online applications can make it easier for systems to breach and for applications or scores to manipulate.

How to apply With DIT online application system ?

The admission procedure

  • Applicants should use the link which is found in the DIT website: www.dit.ac.tz to apply online
  • Applicants should read and understand the guidelines and admission requirements for the programmes they apply for.
  • Applicants should ensure that, they have adequate information for the programmes of choice taking into account the competition, subject passes in their form Four or six examination and career aspiration
  • Applicants holding foreign qualification should have their qualification validated and equated by the respective regulatory bodies before submitting the application for admission at the Institute.

General Instructions

  • All information and instructions required to assist in the application stages are provided from the instutution website, browser to home page then on top menu click on admision/online application then select whether you are applying for  i.e. UNDERGRADUATE tab for applicants for certificates, diplomas and bachelor degrees.
  • Applicants are reminded to register their names as they appear on the Regular Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) and Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSEE), including index numbers upon request.

Access the DIT online application system using the link below and follow onscreen guide

dit Online Application Portal Direct Link

The registration process starts by paying the application fees, and then applicants form four index number must be entered for verification.

Undergraduate Applicants

  • Application Fee : 10000/=

(Form four index number should be in the format of SXXXX/YYYY or PXXX/YYYY. Example: S0123/0654 or P0734/0234.

Upon successful verifications the applicants will be start registering by filling the online form with their login credentials such as password, phone number and emails.

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