College of Business Education CBE Fee Structure 2022/2023

College of Business Education CBE Fee Structure 2022/2023: If you have been accepted into the College of Business Education CBE, it is essential that you know some of the information you will need to understand before you arrive. For example, you should read College of Business Education CBE Fee Structure¬† document, which provides all of the fees and charges associated with the College’s services. The booklet offers a detailed description of the various tuition costs, registration and examination fees, housing and utility bills, and other expenses that you are required to pay.

College of Business Education CBE Fee Structure 2022/2023

It is important that you read the document carefully and understand all the terms and conditions before you make your decision to join College of Business Education CBE.

Tuition Fee For Bachelor Degree Programme

Programs Tuition Fee(in


Other Contributio
n (in TZS)
Total (in 77S) Foreign (in USD)
Year 1-3 Bachelor in ICT (BIT) 1,555,600 105,000 1,660,600 1,867.60
Year 1-3 Bachelor In Metrology and Standardisation (BMS) 1,500,000 105,000 1,605,000 1,759.60
(BA, BBA, BBSE, BMK & BPS) Year 1-3 Other Bachelor programs 1,450,000 105,000 1,555,000 1,680.60

Indicative Direct Students Cost For Bachelor Programmes

ITEMS Local (TZS)  Foreign( USD)
College Hostel 450,000.00 500.00
Books and Stationery Allowance 200,000.00 223.00
Meal Allowance 1,660,000.00 1,845.00
Field Work 620 000.00 780.00
Total 2,930,000.00 3,348.00
College of Business Education CBE Fee Structure 2022/2023
College of Business Education CBE Fee Structure 2022/2023

About CBE: The history of the College of Business Education (CBE) is intertwined with the history of the nation. Soon after gaining independence on December 9, 1961, the newly independent state discovered a shortage of skilled employees for commercial and industrial activity. There were extremely few nationals with commercial education and experience at the time. As a result of the necessity to prepare nationals for the commercial sector, the government established a business training institute.

In January 1965, His Excellency, J.K. Nyerere, the first President of the United Republic of Tanzania, formally launched the new College in Dar es Salaam. The College was formally renamed “College of Business Education” (CBE).

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