List Of 20 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2022

Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2022

List Of 20 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2021 | Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa

Johannesburg is brimming with some of the best private schools in the whole country. This makes the task of figuring out which private school to send your children to somewhat daunting. You will want a private school that provides a safe, enriching, and challenging education for your child. Private schools are known for their one-on-one teaching and small class sizes.

They also have smaller teacher-to-student ratios compared to government-run schools. This makes them the best option when it comes to education for your child. Private schools provide an environment where students receive more attention, are less likely to feel alienated, and have more opportunities outside of academic success. A good number of private schools also provide extra curricular activities such as sports, public speaking, leadership training, drama and art classes.

How To Choose The Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2022?

It is the desire of every parent to give their children the best possible education. Everyone wishes to enroll their kids in the best private schools available. But the hard part is School choice is a hot topic as there are many different private schools in Johannesburg, South Africa a parent can choose from. This make school choice decision difficult for parents. But don’t worry we are here to help.

There are surely many factors to take into account when choosing the best private schools. The most important of which include: location, student-teacher ratio, school performance and price. Here we’ll take you through 10 great schools located in Johannesburg, South Africa to help you make your decision.

List Of 20 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2022
List Of 20 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2022

Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2022

The city of Johannesburg is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing metropolitan areas in Africa. It’s also home to a growing list of top-notch schools. Below we have highlighted some of the best schools in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Orban School

Orban School is a bilingual Christian private school which educates children from the age of one to fourteen. Their Afrikaan and English lessons are designed for pre-primary and primary school respectively.

Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2021
Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2021

By emphasizing on the arts, such as music, painting, and theater, the school provides all children with a one-of-a-kind learning experience. For five years in a row, Orban School has received the title for “Best overall school accomplishment in the Johannesburg region.”

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List Of 20 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2022
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Charterhouse was founded in 1976 and has since grown into an esteemed institution. Located at three separate campuses – pre-primary, primary, and college

The school follows the Cambridge curriculum and offers a variety of programs to help students grow. Choosing from such courses as mathematics, science, social sciences, visual arts, and music; Charterhouse provides students with a solid foundation before they go off to pursue careers or further education in secondary institutions.

Aside from academics, Charterhouse School provides well-structured sports and extra-curricular programs to students in order to give them a progressive and forward-thinking education. They have facilities for netball, tennis, hockey, soccer, horseback riding, and orienteering. In addition to athletics, the school offers public speaking classes, art, drama, and debate instruction to its pupils.

The Ridge School

Founded in 1919, the Ridge School has stood through the generations, retaining its rank among Johannesburg’s best boy preparatory schools. Today it stands on 16 acres of scenic land atop Westcliff Ridge – situated between Jan Smuts Avenue and Valley Road; at once reminiscent of its rich history while looking towards today’s future.

With an intimate understanding of past traditions but never failing to keep up with current times, the school continuously does what it does best: educating boys for all walks of life.

They give a well-rounded education that fosters self-esteem and actively promotes diversity. The objective is to develop a self-assured individual with a caring spirit and a responsible mentality. The Christian-based mindset teaches students about the importance of giving back to their community by incorporating innovative techniques in classrooms.

Sparrow Combined Schools

Sparrows Combined School ranks fourth on the list of Johannesburg’s top ten best private schools. This school accepts people from various backgrounds, whether they are religious or not, and caters to their needs when needed.

This co-ed institution has around 300 students who are taught by faculty members who genuinely care about them.

Sparrows Combined School’s principal concentration is on its subjects, which include art, music, and culture. Students in grades R through 12 receive tuition and instruction that complies to the curriculum established in the National Curriculum Statements.

Johannesburg Muslim School

The Johannesburg Muslim Institution doesn’t aspire to just be the best Islamic school in Johannesburg – it aims for excellence. The school was established in 1990 and since then has grown to be one of the best private schools in all of Johannesburg.

Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2021
Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2021

The school was founded to give young Muslims with a blend of Islamic and secular education. As a result, they operate an integrated system that combines secular education from the Gauteng Department of Education with Islamic education from the Association of Muslim Schools in South Africa.

The Johannesburg Islamic School has a pre-school and a high school. The pre-school is located in Mayfair, while the high school is in Fordsburg. It offers nursery, intermediate and Grade R classes to students living on all over Gauteng (the province of South Africa where Johannesburg lies).

It has about 1000 students – this private institution managed by the administration team was named one of best schools in Gauteng as well as one of five feeder schools for University Witwatersrand!

Despite being an Islamic institution (which only accepts Muslims), it also accepts those from other faiths or races. However, candidates must meet their admission criteria before they are accepted into the prestigious school that employs excellent teaching methods like small class sizes and hands-on learning experiences.

Redhill School

Redhill School is a non-denominational private school that has been in operation for over 110 years. Summit Road is home to the high school and preparatory schools, while West Road North is home to the pre-preparatory school.

The unbroken 100 percent pass rate over the previous 30 years is attributed to frequent staff seminars, strong teacher-student interactions, and low teacher-student ratios.

It is critical for students and faculty to integrate their academic and personal endeavors. Drama and dance are really powerful. Redhill has a reputation for being a ‘family-friendly’ school. All grades are accepted, from pre-prep to matric. Redhill builds strong relationships with kids and parents by servicing whole families.

Teachers get to know their students and their families, which helps them in the classroom, on stage, and in sports. Families are also drawn to aftercare and holiday care for young learners, as well as a diverse range of additional programs for older learners. Active parents help to create a caring school community.

Brescia House School

Brescia House School is one of the greatest schools, having a good reputation for producing well-mannered and well-rounded young ladies.

Academically, schools offer a decent student-to-teacher ratio, so you can be certain that the professor will show your pupils’ potential. This is also a critical factor to consider while improving a student’s unique talents.

Furthermore, the learning center has amenities to facilitate extracurricular activities, such as a swimming pool.

Roeden School SA

Roedean is a 100-year-old girls’ school. It was established as a sister school to Brighton’s Roedean School and today has hundreds of pupils ranging from Nursery to Grade 12.

Modern sporting facilities on campus include an indoor basketball court, a diving pool, and an Astroturf field. The school also has an art, information technology, and media center.

An robust extracurricular program complements a high academic, athletic, and cultural reputation. Roedean, like nearby St John’s and King Edward’s, has a well-known water polo team.

They are really proud of their academic performance at Roedean. They have a dedicated staff of experienced instructors who are specialists in their fields. The potential of each girl is nurtured both in and out of the classroom.

St Peter’s Boys School

St Peter’s Boys School is an Anglican primary school that accepts pupils in Grades 0 through 7. In 2012, an IQAA survey praised the school for its student happiness, safety, academic and extra-curricular standards, and management.

Football, swimming, and rock climbing are all available at St Peter’s. Senior students’ music examinations are graded by the Royal School of Music (London). Students are also taught from the start how to utilize technology, such as iPads, constructively.

There is also an Academic Support Unit where students and teachers may meet with specialists from fields such as speech therapy and brain development. It also has an apiary, which provides fresh honey to the school store.

St Peter’s is an Anglican school that emphasizes academic achievement while combining academic requirements with sports, music, culture, and personal development. Mutual respect, courtesy, and open communication underpin the concept.

St John’s College

St John’s College is one of the oldest educational institutions in South Africa and still Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa. The school, which is mostly for boys, is recognized as one of the greatest private schools in South Africa.

Students are guided through the conventional South African educational curriculum by the learning center. It also has a college section that offers A-level education to both girls and boys.

In addition to academics, the learning center participates in extracurricular activities such as water polo. It is also famous for golf and rugby.

St Mary’s School, Waverley

List Of 20 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2022
List Of 20 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2022

Waverley’s St Mary’s School was founded 10 years before St John’s College. In truth, it is Johannesburg’s oldest and one of the top private schools. It has maintained a high level of education since its beginnings.

Everything at St Mary’s School is based on the Anglican religion, including how children are trained to be good citizens.

Throughout the campus, there are intellectual, cultural, sporting, and spiritual amenities. The St Mary’s church, contemporary classrooms with visual aids, the St Mary’s Health Centre, and sporting facilities, including the St Mary’s Aquatics Centre, are all included.

As one of South Africa’s oldest schools, you can be certain that they have produced great people who have contributed to the development of their lovely country.

South African politician Helen Zille, South African field hockey player Cindy Brown, British-South African entrepreneur Prudence Margaret Leith, English author Carolyn Slaughter, and others are among its illustrious graduates.

Assumption Convent School

The Missionary Sisters of the Assumption established Assumption Convent School in 1946. For the past seventy years, the private institution has delivered a respected and accessible Christian education to its pupils.

The school strives to help its students reach their greatest potential and make a positive difference in the lives of those around them. There are around 600 kids enrolled at the institution. This means that each student receives specialized instruction and is given equal access to possibilities.

Reddam House

Reddam House is an international school with a curriculum based on the Cambridge syllabus. The school is situated on the grounds of the former Kensington Golf Club in Bedfordview. It is considered to be one of the greatest private schools in Johannesburg, South Africa.

There are two departments within the Reddam institution: Early Learning and Preparatory School.

Reddam House offers its pupils several opportunities to express and challenge themselves outside of the classroom, including lovely playgrounds, rugby fields, and a swimming pool, to name a few extracurricular activities.

St David’s Marist Inanda

St David’s, which has over 1100 boys aged 0 to 12, is one of the greatest private schools in Johannesburg, South Africa. The school’s majestic chapel hosts weekly mass for students and workers. With international rugby and cricket teams, as well as mandated extra-curricular sports, St David’s has a great sporting legacy.

Boys can participate in sports such as rugby, cricket, hockey, water polo, and tennis. There are several community outreach initiatives. With a large library, well-equipped classrooms, a heated pool, and many well-kept grass sports fields.

St David’s Marist Inanda has been a center of teaching and learning for more over 70 years, a school whose strength and history allow every child to reach his or her full potential, to discover roots and wings.

Each young man is encouraged to excel in academics, culture, leadership, service, and athletics. The school believes that their boys will graduate with the values and skills necessary to make significant contributions to their families and society.

Sacred Heart College, Observatory

Sacred Heart College in Johannesburg is a well-known Marist Brothers institution in South Africa. St David’s Inanda in Johannesburg, St Henry’s Marist College in Durban, and St Joseph’s Marist College in Cape Town are all Catholic schools. Sacred Heart College, Johannesburg’s first all-boys Catholic school, now accepts female students in its creche, pre-primary, primary, and high school levels.

Over the course of the institution’s over 100-year history, over 1100 students have graduated.

Tennis, basketball, swimming, cricket, soccer, netball, and athletics are some of the sports available at the school. Apart from that, the school encourages pupils to participate in cultural events like singing and debating. They are able to do so because their facilities are well-designed and well-maintained.

These amenities include four netball courts, two outdoor basketball courts, an indoor sports facility, a Design and Technology center, two audiovisual rooms, and five soccer fields. Sacred Heart College in Johannesburg is widely considered as one of the greatest private institutions in South Africa.

St Peter’s Girls School

It is a ladies’ Anglican Diocesan elementary school for kids aged 0 to 7. In 2012, an IQAA assessment praised the school for its student happiness, safe environment, academic standards, and excellent relationships among staff, students, and parents.

Netball, gymnastics, and rock climbing are among the sports available at St Peter’s. The Royal School of Music grades senior students’ music exams, and all Grade 2 students alternate between playing the violin and percussion (London).

Providing academic assistance to students and teachers in fields such as speech therapy and neurodevelopment. It also has an apiary, which provides fresh honey to the school store.

St Peter’s is an Anglican school that emphasizes academic achievement while combining academic requirements with sports, music, culture, and personal development.

Holy Rosary School

The Irish Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary created Holy Rosary Institution, a Catholic all-girls school. The school is not far behind the top private schools in Johannesburg.

Their school is regarded as one of the best in Johannesburg, transforming “girls of today into women of tomorrow.” They have a pre-primary, primary, and secondary school to ensure that their girls receive the greatest possible education.

All pupils at a Catholic school are required to attend religious education seminars, retreats, and holy liturgies. However, the university continues to accommodate students of all religions and cultures.

While the position of head of religion is reserved for a Catholic student, other positions of leadership are open to all students.

Aside from academics and spirituality, the Holy Rosary School features some of Johannesburg’s greatest sporting facilities. Students enjoy activities such as swimming, tennis, hockey, netball, rowing, and equestrian.

St Peter’s College

Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2021
Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa 2022

St Peter’s College is an Anglican Diocese school and one of the greatest private schools in Johannesburg. Students and staff attend a chapel service during the weekly assembly, as well as on holy days and the first and last days of each term.

Prefects, teachers, and grade heads form a multifaceted mentorship network, and every student attends formal tutor group sessions. A modern campus with several sporting facilities, including an indoor pool. Sports such as hockey, rugby, and squash are examples of extracurricular activities.

The school’s music, theater, and water polo teams are well-known. St. Peter’s also takes part in outreach activities such as Habitat for Humanity.

St Peter’s College first opened its doors in 1998. The campus is built on 17 hectares of property on the eastern side of Sunninghill, surrounded by wonderful views of the countryside.

They are committed to developing young people who are visionary, active, and enterprising, who can work well in groups, and who constantly consider the wider community. St Peter’s has a bright future, as its tagline ‘Bravely into the Future’ promises.

St Stithians College

Saint Stithians College is another another Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa. On one site, the School offers a boys’ and girls’ schooling synergy model.

The school asserts that its pupils receive a complete and adequate education based on ideals that express their Methodist identity.

The Mustard Seed Christian school

One of the Best Private Schools In Johannesburg South Africa, is Mustard Seed Christian School. The learning center, which has been in existence for more than fifty years, concentrates on ensuring that it aids its students both academically and in other areas. The organization aims to mold young people so that they can realize their full potential.


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