Aris Ajuco- Archbishop James University College

Aris Ajuco- Archbishop James University College

Aris Ajuco is the Student Management Information System that is used by Archbishop James University College to record University academic data that can capture, process and generate reports needs the management to approve examination results and transcripts. Aris Ajuco system helps student to perform the following online:

  • Register student particulars (once)
  • Register semester courses
  • Update registered courses
  • Edit/Update some of personal particulars
  • View semester results
  • Send queries/problems to the appropriate faculty/directorate/Unit
  • View fee payment status and statements for each academic year
  • View University announcements

These guidelines enable students to be familiar with the system and provide explanation of activities/functions found in students module.


For better results we highly recommend that system users should use one of the following web browsers.

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google crome
  • Opera 

First time students

 All first time students that have already obtained their registration number will be required to complete few steps before starting using the system effectively.

Requirements for first time registration

 All first time students must have the following before interacting with the system

  • Registration number
  • A valid email address
  • Names and contact numbers of parents/guardians/next of kin
  • Names and index numbers of certificates in previous studies/education
  • Scanned certificates (softcopy) for o-level, a-level,
  • Certificates, diploma, academic transcripts and birth certificate

Getting started with Aris Ajuco Registration

  1. Open AJUCO website (
  2. On the main menu Click ARIS

OR open Google search engine and type: AJUCO ARIS

  1. On either of the step above you will be directed to ARIS login screen
  2. Due to the system security imposed you may be required to enable the browser to

Enable connecting to the secure site (ARIS). Normally the browser will provides security alerts about the site connection. If this happens please follow the

For Mozilla users

On the first screen at the bottom click “I understand the risk” On the next screen at the bottom click “Add to the known security site”

On the last screen click “Confirm security certificate”

In Google chrome

For Chrome users: On the first screen click “Proceed anyway” You will be directed to the ARIS login screen

  1. At the login screen click new student link (As shown below)
Aris Ajuco- Archbishop James University College
Aris Ajuco
  1. You will be directed to another screen that request to enter your Registration number and Surname/ Last name. Type full registration number eg. BAED 2015/187 and your surname
  2. You will be directed to another page, where you will be required to complete some important particulars. You are required to supply correct and true information. Some items once submitted cannot be modified. Issues like contactnumbers, email addresses, postal address, birth dates, names and number of previous schools, scores etc. This information will be filled in different forms that come. Remember to click proceed in each form after filling the form

Then you will be directed to the next forms such as form for uploading, pass port size photo, A- Level certificate, O-level, College/University certificates, birth certificates etc. Do the same by following the instructions.

aris ajuco register

Proceed by fill the correct information as requested by the system. At the bottom of each form you must proceed to save record and proceed with next form. After completing all forms, a success message will appear and you will be directed to the login screen, to start using system with your username (your Registration number) and password (created in form no. 9)

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