Apply For SA Youth Vacancies 2022

Apply For SA Youth Vacancies 2022

Looking for where to apply for Youth Vacancies in South Africa 2022 ? National Pathways Management Network, to facilitate the access of young South Africans to learning and earning opportunities.

This platform will complement South Africa’s current efforts to create physical spaces that young people can go to to access information, opportunities and support.

About SA Youth Network

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) has partnered with the Presidency (through the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention) to launch SA Youth, a national network providing South African youth with free access to learning and earning opportunities.

What kind of opportunities can you find on the SA Youth platform?

Apply For SA Youth Vacancies 2022
Apply For SA Youth Vacancies 2022

NYDA will partner with Harambee for youth employment, key government departments, the private sector, and civil society to launch SA Youth. SA Youth gives young people free access to online job seekers support resources, including:

  • hustling resources
  • preparation for the world of work
  • learnership, volunteering and further studies resources
  • wellness and selfcare support

Young people can apply for safe and reliable jobs, volunteering, learning, scholarships, and work experience opportunities in their area on mobi-site. Youth can also update their contact details and employment status on their SA Youth profile.

How to Apply For SA Youth Vacancies 2022

To start applying for sa youth vaccancies you need to start registration process and then proceed with find the opportunity that fit your career. Here We have compiled a full guide on how to register at SA youth platforms and the qualification for SA Youth program.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your ID number – if your ID already exists on the system, you may have registered with SA Youth or Harambee or Tshepo 1Million before. Please go back to click on Login and use your ID number and existing password.
  3. Once you have registered and accepted the T&Cs, please complete all questions. This process will take you about 4 minutes.
  4. 4. After completing all questions, various opportunities available near you will be displayed. Please click on an opportunity you are interested and and apply.
  5. Click on the profile icon to add any more information such as educational qualifications and/or  work experience.
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