Amlogic USB Burning Tool Latest v3.2.0 Free Download


Amlogic USB Burning Tool Latest v3.2.0 Free Download

The Amlogic USB burning tool is a utility window app designed to easily flash Amlogic chipset devices using a computer. If you are currently looking forward to flashing firmware to a fresh one or custom flashing the Android TV box device.  Then you’ve landed in the right place to get Amlogic USB-burning software. Here you will find Amlogic USB Burning Tool v3.2.0, v1.2.8.0817, v1.6.2.2, v1.6.2.0128, v1.6.28 and v1.6.31 downloading links

You can install it on any of the Windows Operating Systems on your PC and do some flashing stock ROM firmware with just a click. The latest version supports all other gadgets powered by an Amlogic processor chip brands and works well with all those that are using “Amlogic” chipsets too!

Amlogic USB Burning Tool Latest v3.2.0 Free Download
Amlogic USB Burning Tool v3.2.0 Download

Features of Amlogic USB Burning Tool

Below we have list some of the functionalities and features of Amlogic USB Burning Tool

  • Amlogic USB Burning Tool Installation process is simple.
  • Firmware flashing without any errors
  • All Amlogic TV Boxes, as well as the Almogic processor, are supported.
  • Built-in with Various configuration functions : Amlogic USB Burning Tool is loaded with multiple configurations for customizing your preferences – Erase Flash, Erase Bootloader, Reset After Success, and Overwrite Key. For erasing flash memory there are different methods available: Normal Erase, Force Erase, Erase All, and Force Erase All.
  • This tool also comes with an easy-to-navigate interface and includes multiple languages, such as English and Chinese. You can change the grid in the View > Select menu so you can see either Device ID, Progress, Time, Statistic or other information at a glance.

Amlogic USB Burning Tool Latest v3.2.0 Free Download

Amlogic Burning Tool run smoothly in all Windows OS versions, including Windows XP to Windows 11 (both 32 & 64 bit). If you were looking for the most recent version of this tool, you can use any of the links below to download it now to your computer and start fixing your device right away:

Downloading Information
File Name
Alternative Name Amlogic USB Burning Tool v2.1.6
File Size 9 MB
File Type application/x-zip-compressed
File Extension zip
App category Utility Tool

Amlogic USB Burning Tool Download Links

Amlogic USB Burning Tool v3.2.0 Free Download

How to install Amlogic USB Burning Tool v3.2.0 Free Download?

  • Download the tool ZIP file from the link provided above.
  • After download complete, Extract it to location that you may find easily
  • Open the application and click on “Install”.
  • Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.
  • Follow the steps that appear on the screen to complete installation.

Compatibility: This tool works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. (x32 or x64 bit).

Credits: Amlogic Burning Tool was developed and supplied by Amlogic, Inc. So, full credit goes to them for developing and sharing this amazing  Application for free.

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