Airwing Secondary School Fee, Results, Contact & Combination

Airwing Secondary School Fee, Results, Contact & Combination S0784  | Kuangalia matokeo ya form six airwing high school: Looking for details about Airwing Secondary/high School? If so then stick with us on this article as we will provide you with some usefully information you may want to know. Airwing high school is a private boarding and day co-education school located in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Airwing Secondary school is one among best school in Tanzania which provide quality education to students to the best of their ability and need of the nation. The school provide the students with a live and conducive environment to easy the learning process.

Airwing Secondary School Fee, Results, Contact & Combination
Shule Ya Sekondari ya Airwing

Airwing Secondary School Fee, Results, Contact & Combination

Airwing is a co-educational school for both “O” and “A” Level students, with the goal of providing high academic results as well as fostering students who are creative, innovative, disciplined, and eager to achieve their full potential.

Airwing High School is located in the municipality of Ilala at Banana Gongo la Mboto Dar es Salaam. Airwing school is an educational and social development landscape. The school provides O-Level, A-Level, Qualified Test (QT), and Private Cardidates (PC) Under VETA, Airwing also offers vocational training courses in Mechanics, Driving, Welding, and Electrical.

The school is fully registered with the Tanzania Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, as well as NECTA and VETA. The school has a well-trained and enthusiastic staff, infrastructures, a library, a computer lab, and a safe environment for children.

Airwing Secondary School Results
Airwing Secondary School Fee, Results, Contact & Combination

Airwing Secondary School Contacts

To get in touch with airwing High school you can use the contact details provided below

  • Airwing High School
  • P.o Box 18111, Dar es Salaam
  • Phone: 0784 764 070

Airwing High School Location

Airwing Secondary School Fee

The school fees At Airwing Secondary school is affordable compared to other top school in Tanzania. Their fees differ depending on different factors like whether your child is form at the ordinary level or Advanced level. Also the School fees for boarding students is high than that of day schoolers. At airwing a day scholar school fees ranges from 500,000Tsh – 700,00 while for Boarding scholar range from 700,000Tsh – 1,000,000Tsh annually. The school fees tend to change rapidly, thus it make hard to give an accurate value. We recommend you to call the school or visit the school personally to get the accurate data.

Airwing Secondary School Subjects Combination

Below are the subjects offered at Airwing high school S0784

Sn O-Level Subjects A-Level Subjects
1 Civics General Studies
2 History History
3 Geography Geography
4 Kiswahili Kiswahili
5 English Language English Language
6 Physics Chemistry
7 Chemistry Biology
8 Biology Basic Applied Mathematics
9 Basic Mathematics Advanced Mathematics
10 Commerce Economics
11 Book-Keeping

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