Airtel Money Timiza Mkopo 2022

Airtel Money Timiza Mkopo

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Airtel Timiza Mkopo is an airtel service in Tanzania through airtel money to provide short term credit to its customers through mobile phones. With Timiza Mkopo airtel subscriber that meets requirements, get easy loans at their fingertips and fulfill their promises to loved ones.

Airtel Money Timiza Mkopo
Airtel Money Timiza Mkopo

With Airtel Money Timiza Mkopo

  • You get loans without savings and deposits
  • You get pre-approved instant loans
  • You can borrow larger amounts every time you clear your loans on time
  • You get affordable interest rates
  • The loan amount is dependent on your airtel money usage

Who qualifies for Airtel Timiza Mkopo?

To qualify for a Airtel Timiza Mkopo you need to be an Airtel Money customer and have the following criteria

  1. Above the age of 18
  2. Have registered as an Airtel customer for 90+ days
  3. Have an active Airtel Money Account
  4. Have NO outstanding loan with JUMO at the time of application
  5. Have NO historic negative payment behavior with JUMO
  6. Keep on requesting a loan to see if you are eligible.

How to get Airtel Money Timiza Mkopo?

To apply for a Timiza loan, simply.

  • Dial *150*60
  • Then choose option 6 “Huduma za kifedha” on the Airtel Money Main Menu.
  • Select option 1 “TIMIZA”
  • Then select 1 “TIMIZA-MKOPO”
  • You will need to enter your Airtel Money PIN to agree to the Timiza Terms and Conditions and select Request a Loan.

How do to repay the Airtel Timiza loan?

You simply deposit money into your Airtel Money Account before the due date. On the due date, the full amount will automatically be deducted from your Airtel Money Account.

What if I want to repay early?

You can settle your loan at any time, even before the due date. Too do so

Simply select the option “Repay Loan” on the TIMIZA USSD menu.

Your outstanding balance will be displayed and you can settle your loan in full or make a partial payment.

How do I check my loan balance?

To check your loan balance, you will need to visit Timiza Menu as show above but this time select on “Angalia Salio La Mkopo”.

Then you will receive SMS communications advising what your loan balance is. Should you try and apply for another loan or try and repay a loan, your outstanding loan balance will also be displayed.

How much does a loan cost with the TIMIZA loan service?

TIMIZA will look for the best pricing and loan amounts based on your Airtel Money Account transactions and how you manage your TIMIZA loans. Fees depend on your loan term and loan history. They are visible on the loan applications. Good repayment behavior and frequent use of Airtel Money could result in better fees.

Can the term be increased?

Yes, the loan term can increase. The extension of the loan term is largely based on each individual’s personal profile. Consistently repaying your loans on time could result in your loan term being extended.

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