Airtel Money Tariff- Airtel Money charges Tanzania 2022

Airtel Money charges (Airtel Money Tariff )

AIRTEL TANZANIA is one of the top mobile phone operator companies in Tanzania. The company is one of Airtel Africa’s components which is the pan African mobile network operator and largest mobile service provider in Africa.

Airtel Tanzania was established in 2001 and since then has been doing well in providing several services to their subscribers including. GPRS Services – Internet, WAP and MMS, Me2U, Mobile Top-up, SMS information services, Prepaid plans, Postpaid plans, International Roaming, Local and international text message and also offer 24-hour Customer Care Centre.

Airtel Money Tariff- Airtel Money charges Tanzania
Airtel Money charges Tanzania 2022

Here in this article, we have brought to you Latest Airtel money tariffs in Tanzania


Country Subsidiary
 Chad Airtel Chad
 Congo DRC Airtel DRC
 Gabon Airtel Gabon
 Ghana Airtel Ghana
 Kenya Airtel Kenya
 Madagascar Airtel Madagascar
 Malawi Airtel Malawi
 Niger Airtel Niger
 Nigeria Airtel Nigeria
 Republic of the Congo Airtel Congo B
 Rwanda Airtel Rwanda
 Seychelles Airtel Seychelles
 Tanzania Airtel Tanzania
 Uganda Airtel Uganda
 Zambia Airtel Zambia
As you are aware, the Government has introduced a new levy on mobile money transfer transactions through Finance Act 2022 which amended the National Payment Systems Act Cap 437 by adding Section 46A. The Act empowers the Finance Minister, after consultation with the Minister responsible for communications, to make regulations prescribing the manner and modality under which the levy shall be collected and accounted for. The Minister has issued NPS Regulations 2022 and henceforth Mobile Money Service Providers shall collect the new levy on behalf of the Government from 15th July, 2022.The levy below for sending money and withdrawal shall be in addition to existing rates charged by each operator as follows:

Airtel Money Tariffs Tanzania ( Airtel Money charges Tanzania 2022)


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