2022 KCSE Qualifying Test Timetable | Check Here

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The 2022 KCSE Qualifying Test Timetable is now available online and you can check it from this article. The KCSE Qualifying Test (QT) measures candidates’ potential to take on the KCSE Examination. Passing this test allows students to register for the examination which takes place in November of each year. The Qualified Examination is open to all bona fide residents of Kenya and those living abroad who applied to KNEC six months before the year of testing. Applicants are required to meet the following entry requirements outlined in the regulations.

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  • All persons with primary certificate other than KCPE certificate e.g. Certificate of Primary Education (CPE).
  • All persons with a foreign primary certificate received after less than eight years of primary school education.
  • Registration of candidates is undertaken at the office the County Director of Education between January and March. Registration is done online like other KNEC examinations

2022 KCSE Qualifying Test Timetable | How To Check Online

Timetable is a word used to refer to the list of classes, their start and end time and duration. Timetables are important documents which are designed to assist teachers, administrators, parents and all those involved in the education process to know how long each period will take.

The importance of a KCSE Qualifying Test Timetable is crucial in order to help you get the most out of your learning. It can be difficult to recall information and it’s important to have a good grasp on all aspects of what you are learning.

The KCSE Qualifying Test Timetable is a document that lists all the subjects you will be tested on and when. It’s important to know how much time you have for each subject so that you can prepare accordingly and get the most out of your learning. The KCSE timetable 2022-2023 is out. Here’s a list of important date

2022 KCSE Qualifying Test Timetable | Check Here

2022 KCSE Qualifying Test Timetable | Check Here

For More Information or if you want the official document released by The Kenya National Examinations Council please click on the link below;

CLICK HERE TO CHECK : 2022 KCSE Qualifying Test Timetable Official Document

Instructions To Candidates

  • Avail yourself for searching outside the examination room and be seated at your desk/table 15 minutes before the time fixed for the examination to start in the various papers. The first session will start at 8.30 a.m.
  • A candidate who arrives late will be required to give a satisfactory reason to the Supervisor. Only in exceptional circumstances will a paper be given to any candidate who is more than half an hour late. Absolute punctuality is essential for all papers.
  • Check the question paper you have been given to confirm that it is the paper you registered for.
  • Attend carefully to any general instructions that may be given on the first page of a paper, e.g. instructions limiting the number of questions that should be answered.
  • Check to ensure that each page of your question paper is printed.
  • Write your name and your index number on the answer booklet.
  • Write on both sides of the paper, but do not use the margins. Begin the answer to each separate part of a question on a fresh line.
  • Write the number of the question clearly in the left-hand margin at the beginning of each answer. Do not copy the question. Be careful to use the same system of numbering as appears in the question paper. Leave a blank line after the answer to each question.
  • Write your responses in black or blue ink. You may use fountain pen or ball point pen. Pencils should only be used for diagrams. Bring mathematical and drawing instruments for subjects for which they will be needed.
  • Read each question carefully. A lot of time may be wasted in writing down information that is not asked for and no marks will be given for it.
  • Do not spend too much time on one or two questions. Leave yourself adequate time to answer other questions.
  • As soon as notice is given to stop, make sure your name and index number is written on the answer booklet and then hand it over to the Supervisor/Invigilator.
  • Withdrawal from the examination should have been notified to the KNEC in writing before the examination begins

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